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The Nature Versus Nurture Controversial Debate - 1492 Words

Introduction The nature-versus-nurture controversial debate has always been central to the theme of development. Naturally, several predominant theories come to the fore and place different weights on nature and nurture. My concept of interest is active adaptation theory, which falls on the relatively endogenous side of the scale of source of developmental change. From the active adaptation perspective, individuals play an active role in their development; they possess the power to influence their own developmental courses. For active adaptation, it is critical for individuals to have mental maturity to determine what is learned from the environment or experience. Although the biological and mental maturity is heavily valued in active adaptation, the role of supportive and complementary environment is not neglected. The exogenous and endogenous forces are reciprocal: biological and genetic natures affect the way individuals comprehend and respond to their environment, and individual s, based on their motivation and mental maturity level, adapt their current thinking and behavior to the new information conveyed in external events and environmental stimulus. For educators who advocate active adaptation, it is essential to provide students with material that stimulates adaptation and experiences that are appropriate for their age and abilities. After ascertaining students’ level of cognitive maturity, teachers deliver calculated age-and-ability-corresponding instructionsShow MoreRelatedHuman Behavior: Nature vs. Nurture Essay1733 Words   |  7 Pagesthe Nature versus Nurture debate for decades. This debate is about the degree to which our environment and heredity, affects our behavior and developmental stages. According to this debate, nature can be described as, the behavior of a person is occurring because of their genetic makeup. Since the behavior of a person is due to their genetic makeup, then, it (nature) should also influence a person’s gro wth and development for the duration of their life. However, the nurture side of the debate saysRead MoreNature Vs Nurture Debate1343 Words   |  6 Pages One topic that has been controversial to psychologist since the phrase was created in 1869 is â€Å"Nature vs Nurture†. Although the debate was started well before then, 1869 was the first time it was tied to the debate. The nature vs nurture debate is over whether you get your behavior from genetics, what you inherited from your biological parents, or if they are learned characteristics, what you learn from the environment and what you get taught. The debate can be traced back to early western philosophyRead MoreDevelopment Across the Life Span: Nature Versus Nurture Essay examples1666 Words   |  7 PagesDevelopment Across the Life Span: Nature versus Nurture Barry University What is Nature versus Nurture? Development across the lifespan is one of the most interesting areas of psychology. The word development refers to human development which can be defined as â€Å"the scientific study of changes that occur in people as they age from conception until death.† (Ciccarelli, amp; White, 2009)Psychologists study this developmental change over time through several different methods. The book highlightsRead MoreEssay on Human Development: Nature vs. Nurture1393 Words   |  6 PagesThe nature versus nurture debate is an old issue within the field of psychology. â€Å"The nature-nurture issue is a perennial one that has resurfaced in current psychiatry as a series of debates on the role that genes (DNA) and environments play in the etiology and pathophysiology of mental disorders† (Schaffner) The debate is essentially about what is inherited (nature) and what is experienced by environmental factors (nurture) and how they affect human development. Naturally, the nature versus nurtureRead MoreNature vs. Nurture: Parents or Environment Essay example571 Words   |  3 Pagesmany people debate whether an individual is mostly influenced by genetics or influenced by their environment. A person’s environment can have multiple influences, but the genes passed down by parents play a huge role in developing how their offspring will turn out to be. Being unable to properly test whether certain characteristics of a person come from genetics or the influences of the environment makes this theory very difficult to understand, thus making the topic of nature vs. nurture extremelyRead MoreNature vs. Nurture in Sport 1248 Words   |  5 Pagesquestions that arise in the nature vs. nurture debate pertaining about athletic ability. In 1582, British educator, Richard Mulcaster wrote that†¨Nature makes the boy toward, nurture sees him forward, he gave the world†¨a euphonious name for an opposition that has been debated ever since; Nature and Nurture. Peoples†¨beliefs about the roles of heredity and environment affect their opinions on an†¨astonishing range of topics including sports. The nature versus nurture debate not only exists in the sportingRead MoreEssay on Nature Versus Nurture Debate987 Words   |  4 PagesThe nature versus nurture debate is one of the oldest and most controversial issues in Psychology. The nature versus nurture debate revolves around the contributions of genetic factors and environmental factors to human development. The primary method of attempting to determine which of these effects human development the most has been cross-cultural studies. Cross-cultural studies are studies conducted across more than one culture, based on the assumption that the differences between cultures geneticallyRead MoreNature vs. Nurt ure818 Words   |  3 PagesNature Versus Nurture Introduction: There are few mysteries that are greater or provoke more debate than that which dictates human individuality. Sociologists, psychologists and genealogists have long argued over the roles played by the inherent genetic and biological features of an individual and the environmental, contextual and experiential realities surrounding the individual where the development of personality, ability and orientation are concerned. This underscores the debate between natureRead MoreDavid Moore s On Nature Vs. Nurture1230 Words   |  5 PagesRyan Babakhani Anthropology 423 Christina Campbell October 9, 2017 David Moore’s Take on Nature vs. Nurture Traditionally, studies of various organisms have highlighted the importance of genetics as the main determinant of the traits and behaviors that characterize them. This goes back to the Darwinian Theory, which categorized beauty and glamour as results of â€Å"good† genes and the existence of evil and depression as consequences of â€Å"bad† genes. The idea that genes are the critical determining factorRead MoreNature Vs. Nurture : A Debate Within Psychology1344 Words   |  6 Pages1 Kaeezs Mark Lee F. Tonda PSY 100 Nature Vs. Nurture There s a debate within psychology about whether certain aspects of behavior are genetic or learned characteristics. Certain physical characteristics are genetic, like color of eyes, hair type, and skin color. Other things like driving, talking, or tying your shoes are learned. People wonder if personality and mental abilities are genetic or learned. There are good arguments for both the nurture, and nature side of these three issues: intelligence

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